Last summer, I had a wonderful time exploring the Cinque Terre in Italy! I fell in love with the seaside charm of this beautiful, scenic, coastal National Park, and want to share it with you!

“The Cinque Terre” (which means “five lands”) is a series of five villages clinging to a rugged and remote stretch of coastline. Cars cannot drive in the area, the towns are only linked by a footpath, or train, or ferry. Hikers are drawn to this beautiful area, to walk from village to village, along the ancient trails, crossing the rugged coastal cliffs. Although Cinque Terre is full of tourists (you couldn’t possibly keep a place like this secret for long), it still has the charm of small town Italian life.

This is not a place you go to party, but a place you go to soak up beauty, go for hikes, spend time at the beach or just stop for a glass of wine and some authentic Italian dining. My plan is to have a very unstructured week, absorbing the sun, the culture, the food, and enjoying a few walks along these beautiful cliff sides between the villages. Lots of free time for optional sightseeing, or swimming, or shopping – our town of Monterosso has it all! We will walk in the morning to a neighbouring village, stay for lunch, shop, explore, just enjoy!

Then return by train to our home base in Monterosso, in time to lay on the beach and swim in the Mediterranean! We wont have to hike every day, you just may want to have a restful beach day in between. The locals will tell you its an hour’s walk to the next town – I’m not that good! We don’t have to march, we can take our time, and enjoy these beautiful trails – on one side, the stunning Mediterranean – on the other, the terraced vineyards which climb the steep slopes. It’s the perfect holiday, and I look forward to sharing it with you!

Join Ginny as she returns to Monterosso!  9 leisurely days exploring Florence and the beautiful Cinque Terre!


  • Day 1: Florence
  • Day 2: Florence
  • Day 3: Monterosso
  • Day 4: Monterosso
  • Day 5: Monterosso
  • Day 6: Monterosso
  • Day 7: Monterosso
  • Day 8: Monterosso
  • Day 9: Monterosso


We will start with two nights in Florence, then drive to Monterosso al Mare, our home for the next seven nights. When its time to say goodbye to the Cinque Terre, I’ve included a transfer back to Florence, and from there, you can set off on your own! Independence: I’ve designed this holiday for the more independent traveler – as we’ll be staying in two different hotels. Three days will have included and guided hikes, and the rest we will organize there.