Wow! What an incredible journey to Canada’s Arctic. Join me in 2018 as we do an expedition cruise with Adventure Canada! (Aug 6-17, 2018)

Adventure Canada celebrates their 30th anniversary this year. They are a family business, and have been operating expedition and educational trips for 30 years. They create an immersive cultural experience both aboard and ashore, connecting people with nature and inspiring and educating visitors to our Arctic – and farther afield.


One of their trips, the ARCTIC SAFARI, August 6-17, 2018, will be our special focus this year. Ginny will be escorting a group of White Rock Travel clients on this trip. Please join me!  We start in Qausuittuq (Resolute Bay) and end in Greenland. Along the way, the highlights will be polar bears, whales, birds and muskoxen.  At Beechey Island, we’ll payour respects at the graves of three of Sir John Franklin’s men; at Dundas Harbour, we’ll explore the abandoned HBC and RCMP post that once guarded the gateway to the Northwest Passage, Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet) with its stunning views of Bylot Island, isa dynamic contemporary Inuit community; we’ll spend the day exploring before striking out across Baffin Bay for Greenland.     I had the pleasure of traveling with Adventure Canada this summer, from Iqaluit to Greenland. It was such an adventure! My first experience with this company, and it was phenomenal! Every day was full of learning, adventure and friendship.


There are 30 Adventure Canada staff onboard, in addition to 100 ship staff and 200 passengers. They are experts in their fields: geologists, archaeologists, historians, artists, marine mammal experts, anthropologists, marine biologists, botanists and ornithologists, to name a few, as well as artists, musicians, filmmakers and photographers.   Days were spent listening to hour-long lectures from these experts while the ship was at sea. When not cruising, we sometimes went for zodiac cruises along a coastline, spotting polar bears, birds and the shy walrus. Or the zodiacs took us along the face of a glacier, at the end of a long and beautiful fjord. It gives “polar dip” a whole new meaning! At other times, the zodiacs would land at a beach, and we would be helped out, to go for a hike or a wander, across the beautiful tundra. Sometimes, there were archaeological sites to explore, remnants of houses, camps or villages, from the Neolithic hunters who were here 5,000 years ago. Sometimes we admired and learned about the tiny flowers and plants carpeting the ground. Caribou are spotted. We didn’t run into any bears on our hikes, but its possible! The bird life is astounding, as was our welcome into Inuit villages.


In 2018, the trip I’ve chosen will take us farther north, above the Arctic Circle.  Please come with me next year! I can’t wait to share our great country with you!

Check out the details in the brochure below…